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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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per apricum et solem, to the river, got a boat, and
let ourselves glide gently down it in all its windings
for about six miles. Then we crossed the forest
eight miles, six of which were luckily in complete
shade, and got home and made a delightful repast
under our berceau in the garden, in the true far
niente style.

But you have forbid my making your mouth
water by my descriptions or saying anything
about Fontainebleau. Yet how can I avoid talking
of my exileómy hermitage ? Cicero would think
and talk of nothing else but his. To be sure, I
do not complain and blubber as he did, and I
endeavour to make the most of "my most filthy

You must have had our great thunder-storm
the day after we had it. I had no notion it was
going any further, or so far, or else I would
have begged it to take a message for you. It
played about us, singeing our oaks and apple-trees
and illuminating our rooms so long, that I could
not suppose there was any viaticum left for a
jaunt across the sea.

Barth6lemy, it seems, told Eugenie that Trn-
guet, late minister of the marine, had always been
an enemy of mine. I should not have suspected it,
nor can I imagine why, unless it were from my